Why Tedesco Hound?

Because we don't compromise when it comes to your best friend.

Every single dog collar, leash or harness that you find at Tedesco Hound is hand-made using only the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials.

Our products are not only made better when it comes to material and design, they are also build with functionality and longevity in mind. So for example you will find leather dog leashes that are either 3, 4 or even 8-ways adjustable providing you with perfect control to protect your dog. All of our leather leashes or collars are not simply cut like so many other but are double folded and sewn together for maximal durability.

The leather used for all of our dog leashes and collars are only exquisite super soft pieces from Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Nappa, Cow or even Yak. All fittings are made from extremely durable materials such as chrome, brass or even oxidized silver.

Exceptional products and customer service - welcome at Tedesco Hound.

Welcome @ Tedesco Hound

Joey recommends:

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    Buffalo Nobel

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    Star Cow Collar

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    Tibet Deco Collar

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    Fine Sheep Wool-Felt

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Ultra 3-way Adjustable Leash