Tibet Eagle and Stars Yak Leather Collar

21.50" x 2.125"
Fits Neck Sizes 13.50" to 16.25"
Yak Leather

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Tibet Eagle and Stars Yak Leather Collar

Considered to be the king of the Himalaya, Yaks are semi-wild animals that, thanks to the mutually beneficial coexistence with the people living in the Himalayas, have very good survival chances and have also be proven to be essential for the region.

Yak leather is rather rare and usually only available at certain times. The reason for this is that the Yak is mainly used as a riding and draft animal and thanks to its long and shaggy fur, also as a source for wool and milk. Given the sometimes challenging environment, Yak leather is extremely durable.

The entire collar consist of 2 layers of soft original Yak leather that is stitched as well as double folded. The collar is beautifully decorated with an silver Eagle head surrounded by silver stars. It also features an additional larynx protection covering the buckle from the inside for ultimate protection and comfort for your dog.  Four decorative and strong rivets securing the buckle adding durability to the collar.

In addition, the porousness of the leather also allows it to conform to your dogs neck over time improving the wearing comfort while an additional strong nylon layer is incorporated into the inside of the collar providing extreme tear-resistance.

This high quality dog collar is finished with very durable chrome-plated fittings underlining the character of the rare Yak leather and ensuring the longevity of the product.

Made in Germany.


- Original soft Yak Leather
- Fits Neck Sizes: 13.50" x 16.25"
- Color: Brown
- Length 21.50”
- Width 2.125”
- 2 layer Yak leather stitched and double folded
- Larynx protection
- Riveted for durability
- Extra strong interior nylon layer
- Easy to care for
- Durable chrome-plated fittings
- Made in Germany