Buffalo Oriental Collar with Ornaments

18.50" x 1.125"
Fits Neck Sizes 12.125" to 14.50"
Light Brown
Buffalo Leather

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Buffalo Oriental Collar with Ornaments

Our skillfully hand-crafted “Buffalo Oriental Collar” is made from genuine super soft Buffalo Leather, incorporates beautiful ornamental studs and has a unique “scratch-look” adding character to the collar. The artisanal stitching process in combination with the very durable Buffalo leather makes this collar particularly durable and tear-resistant.

Buffalo Leather is usually thick and durable since it is not stretched during the tanning process. Therefore, collars made from Buffalo Leather are unlikely to stretch out of shape or tear even with longterm use and wear. The porousness of the leather also allows it to conform to your dogs neck over time improving the wearing comfort.

This high quality dog collar consist of 2 individual layers of soft Buffalo leather which both are double folded and stitched to enhance wearing comfort. The collar is also finished with beautiful old-nickel fittings. Nickel, a very hard and durable element, can be traced back as far as 3500BC and not only enhances the character of the buffalo leather but also ensures the longevity of the collar.

Thanks to the special scotchgard treatment, the buffalo leather is water resistant and water repellent making the collar very easy to clean.

Our Buffalo Oriental Dog Collar is 100% made in Germany.


- Genuine high quality soft Buffalo leather
- Fits neck size: 12.125” - 14.50”
- Color: light brown
- Total collar length (incl. Buckle) : 18.50”
- Collar width:1.125”
- Decorative ornamental studs
- Durable old-nickel fittings
- High wearing comfort
- Stitched
- Water repellent with Scotchgard protection
- High quality craftsmanship ensures longevity of the collar
- Made in Germany